St. Luke's Home

Making the decision to enter a nursing home or place a loved one in someone else’s care is never easy. For most family members, it is one of life’s most challenging moments. St. Luke’s Home understands your concern and is dedicated to assisting you throughout the transition.

Our Philosophy

In our approach to nursing care, we believe that one’s life can improve with the supportive assistance found in our Home. At St. Luke’s Home our residents feel comfortable in a safe, warm, friendly environment filled with plants, animals and a caring and compassionate staff.

Our philosophy maintains that living in a continuing care facility should be fulfilling with positive and rewarding experiences. We invite you to tour our Home, meet the people who will be caring for you or your loved one and talk with our residents.

Every resident is a member of our health team’s family. We recognize that everyone is unique and we are committed to delivering resident-specific care that enhances your family member’s life. Working as a team, we provide our residents with the highest quality care, always mindful of the knowledge and experience of our residents and their families.

St. Luke’s Home is a 202-bed facility with a 40-bed subacute rehabilitation unit. With a team approach, we work together to meet our patients’ goals of becoming stronger, more functional and returning home quickly.

Center for Rehabilitation and Continuing Care Services

In January 2013, Faxton St. Luke's Healthcare's (FSLH) new Center for Rehabilitation and Continuing Care Services opened at the site of St. Luke's Home. The Center provides coordinated inpatient rehabilitation, long-term and continuing care services for the community.

Services include Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation, FSLH’s Home Care Services, Adult Day Health Care and a new eight station outpatient dialysis satellite unit.

The new 24-bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit has 10 private rooms and 7 semi-private rooms, all of which have large, handicap-accessible bathroom.The new unit features a transitional living center that simulates typical household activities, like cooking and laundry. Here patients practice every day skills that many may take for granted, such as how to get food from the stove to the table while using an assistive walking device.

Patients also have exclusive use of a new dining room and rehabilitation gym, which creates greater opportunities for socialization – an important aspect of recovery.

The renovations were made possible by a $31.3 million grant from New York State (NYS) which was part of a competitive grant opportunity offered by the NYS Department of Health and the Dormitory Authority. The funding was provided through Phase 20 of the Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law of New York State (HEAL NY) and the Federal-State Reform Partnership (F-SHRP) to improve long-term care services and consolidate community-based alternatives for Oneida County residents.