Services for Patients & Visitors

Food Service

The Recovery Room Café (St. Luke’s Campus)

Located on the ground floor of the St. Luke’s Campus
Open from 6:30am to 7:30pm and 1am to 4am seven days a week for your dining pleasure.

The Sunset Café (Faxton Campus)

Located on the ground floor of the Faxton Campus, is open Monday through Saturday from 6:30am to 6:45pm and is closed on Sunday.


Flowers sent to you will be delivered by hospital volunteers at the St. Luke’s Campus. At the Faxton Campus, the florist delivery person will deliver flowers to nurse stations on each floor for distribution. Flowers are not permitted in the Critical Care Unit since all space is utilized for patient care and equipment. Fresh floral arrangements may be purchased from a showcase through the Gift Shops.

Patient Information and Message Service

If your family and friends would like to leave a message for you or to check on your progress, they may call the Patient Information Service at (315) 624-6075. Detailed medical information is considered confidential, and may be obtained only from your doctor.

Friends and family can also send you an e-mail message by visiting and it will be delivered to you. This service is supported by our Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Volunteer Association.

Lost & Found

Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare is not responsible for items of value that are left in your room. Any articles left by a patient upon discharge are turned over to the Lost & Found. Call the St. Luke’s Campus Lost & Found at (315) 624-6146 or the Faxton Campus Lost & Found at (315) 624-5212.


If you receive mail while a patient at Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare, it will be delivered to you in the morning.

Our mailing address is:

Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare
PO Box 479
Utica, NY 13503 - 0479

Private Duty Nurses

Should you wish to retain the services of a private duty nurse, an up-to-date listing of approved agencies is available from Case Management Services. This service is not associated with the health system, and arrangements for payment must be made with the agency.

Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care Office, located in Room 421 on the fourth floor at St. Luke’s Campus, is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Deacon Paul Lehmann and a part-time assistant chaplain are available, as well as other volunteers.

By responding to the spiritual requests of patients, residents, families and staff, the chaplains at Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare are able to help in the healing process. Contact us at (315) 794-6218 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. You may also call the switchboard at (315) 624-6000 for spiritual requests after hours if needed. Deacon Paul Lehmann can be reached at as well.

Read more about our Spiritual Care services >

Television and Telephone Service

Television services and local phone calls are free to all patients. Cell phones are allowed in designated areas.

Free Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is free for patients and visitors. Laptops that are wireless enabled will have a pop-up appear when you are within range of our wireless network located inside the hospital. The network is “FSLH_Guest_Wireless” and the password you should use is “fslwirelesspw”. Our wireless is 128-bit WEP Security.


Recognizing that smoking is the most significant, avoidable cause of death in the United States, Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare has adopted a Clean Air Policy that strongly discourages smoking and prohibits it within the hospital facilities and on the hospital campus.

For your health and well being, if you smoke, please stop. While you are a patient in the hospital, we have various ways to help you cope. Your provider can order nicotine gum, patches, or other medications if appropriate for your care. Please discuss this with your physician. Nutritional Services also has a smokers plate that you may find helpful as well. Respiratory Therapy has brochures and other educational materials. Your nurse can contact any of these people during your stay if you wish.

The Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Regional Cancer Center has designed a unique program to help smokers “Take Control” and regain power over their health and their lives. Programs start each month. Sessions begin promptly at 6:30pm and are generally concluded by 9pm. The program rotates throughout Utica, Herkimer and Rome locations. Call (315) 624-4297 for more information on Take Control.