Stomp Out Cancer Telethon - Wednesday, March 26

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Supporting a Healing Environment for Infusion Patients
Release Date: 
Mar 14, 2014

The Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSLH) Foundation is hosting its annual Stomp Out Cancer Telethon on Wednesday, March 26, 2014, from noon to 8pm from The Regional Cancer Center at FSLH. It will be broadcast live on WKTV NewsChannel 2.

Dollars raised through this year’s Telethon will help to renovate the Outpatient Infusion Unit to create a calm, comforting and healing environment for patients. The renovations include:

  • Infusion treatment chairs that are heated and provide gentle massage for patients
  • Radiant heat to ensure patients are comfortable during their treatments
  • A nutrition room that offers patients and their family members healthy food options during treatments
  • Separate treatment areas for patients requiring privacy
  • Warm, soothing colors and soft lighting
  • Artwork to create a relaxing atmosphere.

In 2013, FSLH’s Outpatient Infusion Unit provided more than 4,000 infusion treatments. By choosing to receive treatment at The Regional Cancer Center, patients are cared for in a smaller, more personal environment and have the benefit of nursing care throughout their infusion.

One patient who has chosen to receive her chemotherapy at The Regional Cancer Center is Janice Piacente, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Janice credits her healing and recovery to the nurses that care for her in the Outpatient Infusion Unit and hopes that others will help support a unit that plays such a critical role in patients’ recovery.

“Having a cancer diagnosis is scary,” said Janice Piacente, who receives chemotherapy treatment at FSLH. “I call the outpatient infusion nurses my angels. They take care of me and give me hope and perspective. I almost look forward to coming in for my treatment because I know I will be well cared for. Thanks to the care I have received at The Regional Cancer Center I have been given extra life.”

Cancer is not just a disease of the body; it affects patients’ emotions, relationships and their ability to live and work. FSLH focuses on the whole person, not just their cancer diagnosis. FSLH has an integrative approach to patient care that promotes awareness, healing and transformation of the body, mind and spirit.

“My caregivers have become part of my family and I want to do whatever I can to make sure that my family and I have the very best ‘home’ and resources available,” said Piacente. “I hope our community is able to make a difference and help support The Regional Cancer Center in their noble effort to stomp out cancer and create an atmosphere of healing when providing care.”  

Sponsors of the Stomp Out Cancer Telethon are Faxton St. Luke’s Volunteer Association, The Zonta Club of Utica, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 43, The National Electrical Contractors Association, Mohawk Hospital Equipment, Inc. and Fust Charles Chambers, LLP.

During the telethon, viewers can call (315) 624-6464 to make a pledge or donation. For more information about the Stomp Out Cancer Telethon or to make a donation before the event, contact the FSLH Foundation at (315) 624-5600.

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