Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare Celebrates National Eye Donor Month

Media Contact: 
Caitlin McCann
Communications Specialist
(315) 624-5433
Release Date: 
Mar 13, 2014

There were five cornea donations made this past year at Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare (FSLH) and in 2012 two-thirds of families approached about making a cornea donation consented to participate. These incredible gifts helped another person gain a second chance for sight. To bring awareness to the increasing number of individuals requiring corneal transplants, the Eye Bank Association of America has designated March as Eye Donor Month.

“I want to thank the families from the bottom of my heart for their generous gift of sight so that someone else may see through their loved one’s eyes,” said Donna A. Sickler, BSN, RN, quality professional at FSLH. “This gift changes how people live and for many it represents a way for the spirit of their loved ones to live on in others.”

Anyone, regardless of poor eye sight or age, can be an eye donor. Individuals who are interested can enroll in the New York State Donate Life Registry by signing the donor box on the back of their license or identification card, or by visiting www.nyhealth.gov.

The Lions Eye Bank at Albany works to obtain corneal tissue and provides it for the visually impaired in northeastern New York and Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Since being founded in 1952, the Lions Eye Bank at Albany has been responsible for more than 10,000 corneal transplants. In 2010, their efforts resulted in 406 children and adults regaining their sight.

For more information about the Lions Eye Bank at Albany, call (518) 489-7606 or visit www.lionseyebankalbany.org.